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At Aus Care Community Services, we're all about spreading positivity and making a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals of all ages who possess unique abilities or could use a helping hand in their daily journeys.

Our A-Team has diverse experience, working with a broad range of clients, from those engaged in correctional services to those affiliated with NDIS providers and our friendly general practitioners.

Our services are available nationwide, and with established connections with government agencies like the Department of Communities and Justice and Family and Community Services, we have that extra boost to ensure our clients receive the care they rightly deserve.

Our fantastic team, lovingly referred to as the A Team, embodies the spirit of support superheroes. They are always primed and ready to tackle a diverse array of challenges, be they related to psychosocial, intellectual, or physical facets. Their dedication goes beyond just working at Aus Care; they are the driving force behind our mission to assist our clients in discovering their inner champions, embracing life to its fullest, and pursuing their dreams with boundless enthusiasm and joyful smiles!